Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preparations: late but progressing well

The preparations are going fine. Though behind they are progressing at more-or-less the planned rate... in fact at probably faster than it! (Quadratic progress curve?) I had wanted to get out early this week: it became apparent that was not going to happen, and rather than leave late this week I decided I may as well stay in Sydney until Christmas and leave then.

My Van Carmelia is great at carrying stuff! It was dead easy getting the roadbike back up North. So I am now officially no longer at Hurlstone Park. The Bike Jill fits perfectly, moreover, up against the side of the van, leaving just enough room to fit a bed in perfectly.

The plan, btw, is bike RHS, raised bed, storage space underneath.

I got a sheet of plywood for the bed surface, some timber posting to support it on one side, some hinges so the two close legs will get past the bike... I have decided to suspend one end from chain from hooks around the top of the van, so I don't need to damage the bodywork at all. Then I can simple fold it up against the wall and throw a hook around one of the legs and it will hang out of the way against the wall/from the ceiling.
Dad wants to keep the plank I was planning on taking (for a ramp), but I got a slab of timber which will work even better (and is prettier wood : ) ). It's a little narrower but that is okay, it will do me good to have a bit of adrenaline flowing each time I get the bike out.

Still haven't gotten around to sorting my stuff but I think I will be able to fit it quite neatly. The bed-plan should leave me lots of storage space with fairly good access.


moose_house said...

where are you headed taxi jack?

JSB said...

Bright! Alpine Victoria. Get a bit of work, go from there. I should probably post about what I'm actually doing, shouldn't I, or at least assume the reader doesn't know...