Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learning Bright, but what should I be sharing?

Well I'm getting around a bit, but none of it - beyond all the fabulous riding experiences I'm trying to catch up writing about on the motoblog - jumps out as something I need to tell you about.

Perhaps I should think harder...

Before I give you a general update I will ask you: is there anything you would like to know?
Feedback is the best basis of blogging and all-too-often the necessary motivation!

An update on my health

I will be moving into a spare room a friend has in Richmond, Melbourne, from the start of February, until early/mid-March.

I screened today (a couple of days for results) for a medical trial which will pay for my stay without the need to work... it also makes it difficult to work as it cuts into my availability, but I figure financial security and free time win out over the opportunity to work.

I expect to be able to attend the World Superbikes at Phillip Island at the start of March (like MotoGP all over again, I hope, except it's an hour away now), which you will hear about in due course.

I have a ticket for the Aus V. NZ ODI at the MCG, a stones throw from this place.

Whilst still at Bright:
This Thursday (tomorrow, technically), I will be scaling Victoria's second highest peak! That IS exciting!

In Future

I promise to try harder to turn some of these exciting happenings into blog posts.

jsbaxter.com.au (coming soon!)

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Hamish said...

A sentiment I can relate to - finding something that is worth writing about. If you figure the answer out, please let me know!