Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Reconciliations

I haven't sat down today to write the news, but now that I'm here I'll pass you a few words.

Work and Busiment

I'm finally working a little: finished a short trial last week - cheque made to-cash;
worked all weekend at the Moomba festival;
worked all week at David's All'Angolo cafe;
except - Wednesday did a trial shift at Jimmy Watson's wine bar in Carlton, and attended Melbourne Uni's huge grad careers fair.

Next week I should be with David five days (including 6:30am Monday - lordy, lordy), and at Watson's three evenings - hopefully this is the first of many such weeks.

I also got around to doing that salsa class on Thursday which went well - I'm getting used to the steps and it's falling into place nicely.  Soon I'll have picked up a few more moves and a bit more technical competency and I can actually head out dancing.

The Situation Otherwise

I just realised, I've actually been in Melbourne two weeks longer than I was in Bright all up, and I still feel like I just arrived!

Applying for graduate work for next year - have only submitted one to Deloitte so far, but am making progress.

I have a new incentive to pick up a graduate contract sooner rather than later, or rather than becoming a 'hospitality professional', writer, freelancer or traveller: I didn't get the negative reception I expected when I floated to my parents the idea of borrowing with them guarantor to purchase a Melbourne property - only the understandable and expected reaction that they would want me to have some income security.

So, I'm back doing a bit of pre-consideration research this weekend, along with these applications, and hopefully by mid-year I'll have signed the contract on my first property, having a job and my own home (/investment property) to come back to next year.

All this stuff has, as you may have noticed, meant a little less blogging than I'd have liked.


I'm increasingly seeing Melbourne as a place I would love to live - I don't mean forever - necessarily - but the time I spend here I expect to enjoy. The city and surrounds are just really nice, interesting, engaging places to be, no matter what day or time it is that you're out and about.  The CBD doesn't die to the same extent Sydney does outside work/after work/Friday/Saturday, and there are worthwhile establishments in every area which can be relied upon at any time to help cure the soul.

@JohnSBaxter (coming soon!)


Hamish said...

Melbourne? Just don't become a Melbournian wanker obsessed with some fictional rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. I'm sick of hearing all that crap while I'm overseas.

Best of luck with it all. And rest assured that if you become a wanker, I'll be the first to let you know.

Matt said...

I'm still reading